April 14, 2024


Hello There!

I am Praful This Website is all about My Drawings, I Started to Draw at a very young age when I was a little that time I don’t like to  Draw but I like to color in the drawing. In the newspaper there sometimes Drawings come without Color so in those Drawing I put Colors in those Drawing and make it looks Beautiful that’s how I started to attract towards drawings.

In the Middle School, I started to Draw Because we have a subject of Drawing but I didn’t like What Teachers told to Draw because I was not good in Drawings, But we have no choice because it was a subject so we have to Draw Drawings as mirror Drawings, Flowers, etc, etc and years went like that.

In High School time I actually Started to Draw and that because of History books, why? Because I like the Portraits of Historical Peoples in the History Books so I give it try to draw exact same as it is but not with pencils I Draw directly with using Ball Point Pen Because I like to Draw in one Chance. – “If you cant Change your Past like that I don’t like to change my mistakes” That’s Why I never Used to use pencils I Started Drawing with using Ball Point Pen. I Draw most of the Historical People in history books while the history lecture was going on teacher were teaching history and I were drawing in my notebook That’s how I started to Drawing.

“To be an ARTIST is to BELIEVE in LIFE”

You Can Contact me on my Social Media.

Gmail – [email protected]

FB – https://www.facebook.com/prafularts

Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/prafulsmile

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/prafulsmile/

Thank You!!!

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