May 29, 2024

Beautiful Girl With The Butterflies

Beautiful Girl With The Butterflies

Beautiful Girl With The Butterflies 

Artist – Praful Arts

Beautiful Girl With The Butterflies – When I Draw and Why :

This is one of My Best Drawing, I Drew This Drawing on 25 Jan 2014 at that time I Saw This Beautiful girl on some other Drawings But I felt in this Pic I thought  why should I not draw This Beautiful Drawing And in the end Watching That Pic I Gave my best to Draw This Beautiful drawing.

Princess With Butterflies:

This is a great Drawing I Tried to Draw in this drawing,

This is a Princess story I draw  in this drawing,

The Princess is so beautiful but it is sad that she can’t go outside because of the enemies, pirates that will abduct her so she is scared and also her parents will not allow going outside because of enemies.

Princess is so beautiful she is so adorable and gorgeous but it is sad that she can’t go outside and play with common people that feel sad.

One day Princess come to visit a beautiful garden with her parents,

Princess enters Garden it is such a beautiful to see the first time a beautiful flower, trees, animals, birds, and butterflies.

Princess is so happy that she sees beautiful butterflies surrounded her princess feel so happy in the garden.

Princess is so beautiful that butterflies also come to her surrounded her and flies around her.

Princess wanted to touch a Butterfly and Princess just hold her hand and fingers and then suddenly a Beautiful Butterfly seat on her Finger.

Princess feels so awesome when she touches Butterfly that time her happiness is like Princess flying, she is so excited to see beautiful butterflies around her.

This was a Beautiful day in Princess life because She gets to attached nature and sees Beautiful things in her life because she is not allowed to go and play with other people because she is a Beautiful Princess.

Best day in Princess life that she will never forget about this day that she touches a Butterfly that makes her so happy and beautiful.

When Princess comes back from the garden she was like telling everyone that she touches a beautiful butterfly. she tells her mom, dad, and her maidservant.

Princess is flying around in the home that was a beautiful day in her life.

Princess is so happy that seeing her parents were happy.

This is a story of Princess and Beautiful butterflies.

Beautiful Girl With The Butterflies – How I draw :

So I saw Beautiful Drawing of this girl with the Butterflies Around her so I thought I should Draw This Drawing.

I Started This Drawing using Blue Pen on A4 Size Paper, First I drew Her Hairs on Face and then I drew The Eyes,

When I drew Eyes it looked Really Beautiful so I started to Draw Nose and that becomes little Small nose but I didn’t realize that because I didn’t Draw full Face when I draw Full Face That Time I realize That Nose Become little Small but Still looks Good,

after that, I Started to Draw Lips That was perfect Lips I draw The Whole Face Drawn It is looking Really Beautiful so I finished With Hairs after That I started to Draw Her upper Body,

Beautiful Girl With The Butterflies :

Everything Was Going Great like Beautiful Everything was Looking Beautiful but When I started to Draw Her Hand it was going well from Her Elbow but When I Started To Draw full Hand And That Becomes Mess I realize that and I Felt Sad but I can’t Help I can’t Recover Because of I used Pen I always Used Pen to Draw I don’t like to Use Pencil Because If You Can’t Erase your Past so Why You Erase your Mistakes That’s Why I don’t like to use pencils, I learn Drawing to Draw From My Mistakes.

That’s How I learned Drawing.

Beautiful Girl With The Butterflies :

So The Beautiful Girl I Draw only part of Drawing Remaining is The Beautiful Butterflies So I Draw Butterflies in This Drawing There were More Butterflies but I Draw Only 4 Butterflies, 2 Butterflies Flying Around Beautiful Girl and She Catch one of Butterfly on her Ginger That Looks Beautiful in this Drawing and one Butterfly on her Hair That looks Beautiful.

So That’s How I Finished Whole Drawing Beautiful Girl With The Butterflies.

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