April 14, 2024

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare :

William Shakespeare considered the Greatest English Writer in History He also known as England’s National Poet.

William Shakespeare was born in England Warwick, Stratford-upon-Avon in this Town Shakespeare was born on 26th April 1564.

in that town surname of Shakespeare were so many families in that Stratford town Shakespeare Family was good and popular.

 William Shakespeare: How I Draw

William Shakespeare This Drawing was tough to Draw some mistakes did but still it looks good.

I draw Shakespeare Drawing using a Black Pen whole Drawing I draw Without used of Pencil not even Pre-marking I Directly Draw with Black Pen.

Shakespeare Drawing I Draw when I was in school that Time I had History Subject and in that we had a Lesson on William Shakespeare.

When I Read Shakespeare Story in History book I Like the Shakespeare Character how he was, his Poems his Play’s his Drama’s were Really good all were written by Himself.

Shakespeare’s most famous play’s “Romeo and Juliet” was among the most popular plays during his lifetime and Hamlet is one of his most frequently performed plays.

When I read Shakespeare Lesson I got motivated and I feel to Draw his Drawing.

Then I took Black Pen and notebook and Started to Draw Shakespeare Drawing this Drawing I draw in the class when I was in school.

I draw using black pen on a4 size notebook the whole Drawing I draw using Black Pen.

This Picture was in My History book I draw the same picture with using Black Pen, it tooks me to draw 30minute to Draw the whole Drawing.

This is how I Draw William Shakespeare Drawing hope you like it.

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