May 29, 2024

A Story of Post Card

Post Letter

Post Letter : 

Post Letter This Drawing is about a letter came from Mother’s son who lives in another city.

This is a Story of in the middle of ’90s That Time Technology was not that much Developed so People Contact their Family via a Writing a Post Letter so They can Tell them they are happy sad having good life far from there parents this is a story I Draw in This Drawing.

A Story of Post Card/Letter :

A Story of Post Card This Drawing is a Great story of middle 90’s means 1920-1990’s.

This is a story of Son and a Mother, Son and mother was living in the same village but when son became Graduated so he got a job in another city area so he has to live her mother to go for a job it was a sad moment for his mother because her son never lived without her so mother get emotional that time when her son was living to a city area for a job.

Mother was a curious that how will live her son in city area and alone no family is with him so mother wanted her son not to go to the city but they had no choice because they are poor family and not so many relatives in their family so her son has to do a job to get money so he can send money to his mother and live happily but for that he has to go and do job in another city which is a far from his village so he has to live her mother behind and have to go for job to earn money so they can live happily.

He packed his whole Things and 1-2 Dress and mother gave him so much food for eat because she will not with him so she gave so many Laddu’s, Shankarpaade, Chikli, Chivda, Etc, etc. 

Finally, the time has come to leave her mother so he took her blessing while mother was crying it was a happy and sad moment for both of them but its mother who always care her son this was the first time that her son leave without her so she got emotional

Son told her mother that he will send her a Post Cards/Letter so she can know that her son is doing well or not so he told her that I will send you a Letters in every month because that time was not much fast delivery so post letter will get it in a month so it took to a long time to reach a letter to her it was a sad story but also a good for him because he got a job in the city so he can earn money and send to her mother, he told her that he will send money to her every month so she can live a good life. and finally, he has to leave her mother he took mother blessing and finally leaves her mother was crying that moment was sad.

Post Letter 

After a month he successfully did in a city he manages to live in the city and after a month he wrote a letter to her mother and send it via Post so her mother gets a letter after a month.

Mother got a letter but the Problem is she can not read because she wasn’t able to read the letter because that time education was not allowed to females so the problem was who will read the letter of her son.

She was sitting outside of her home for waiting for someone will read that letter for her but in their village all people were uneducated so she still had a hope that someone scholar person will go from her home so she sits outside of her home to wait for some one will read that letter after a whole day passed and in the evening time a scholar person was going from her home she saw him and ask him to read her son letter.

This is a Story of a Letter of her son that I draw in This Drawing while I was Drawing this Art it was a really sad Story but Its also a good Drawing hope you like this Drawing.

I Draw This drawing using a Blue Pen on an A4 Paper Size Hope you like My Drawing.

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