April 14, 2024

Princess and Horse

Horse and Princess


Horse and Princess Drawing | Praful Art :

This is a very beautiful illustrate Drawing which I Draw. This Drawing represents a woman loves towards Horse.

A horse is a very beautiful Animal, It is very fast animal and its beautiful animal.

This Drawing is a love story of a woman and a Horse it is a Princes and horse story that is truly beautiful seen in Drawing.

Princess and Horse :

This Drawing represents a beautiful love story between Princess and Beautiful Horse.

Princess always ride Horse there were so many horses but only one horse was loyal towards Princess.

one day Princess went alone in the forest with her beautiful Horse she was riding a horse. Princess was enjoying beautiful nature surrounded by trees beautiful Flowers and clean nature.

Horse and Princess went very far away from the castle princess didn’t realises that they are far away from the castle.

It was getting dark but the princess was having fun with beautiful nature, birds, flowers she was enjoying but she did realize the day getting dark night but the horse was aware that they need to go to the castle but a princess was enjoying the ride.

The day was over and night getting dark and dark then princess realize that they are very far away from home now they need to go back but she forgets the way how to get back home.

There were enemies that princes and horse were surrounded by them but enemies know that she is a princess so they catch her and kidnap her. Princess was very afraid that they will kill her now.

Princess was in a cage and horse was in other cages they both got separated but a horse was very intelligent horse get to escape and ran towards Princess.

Princess love Horse :

Horse manages to escape a cage then he escapes other horses from a cage so all horses were running anywhere then the enemies went to capture horses that time princess horse went to princess cage and untied her then she rides a horse and they manage to escape from enemies. on that day’s princess fell in love with a beautiful and intelligent horse.

Horse and Princess safely went back into the castle.

After that night Princess fell in love with that intelligent Horse she always take care of that horse then she gave a name that horse Venus beautiful and intelligent Venus.

Horse and Princess | Praful Art :

This Drawing is a beautiful drawing that I Draw with using a Ball Point Pen on A4 Size paper. The whole drawing was drawn by using Black Pen I didn’t Use Pencil not a pre-grid marking before drawing I Draw in 10-15 min.

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