May 29, 2024

World Penguin Day

Why Celebrate World Penguin Day: Praful Art

Every year, April 25 is celebrated as World Penguin Day. It is to mark the annual northern migration of Adelie penguins, It is one of the 18 penguin species that are native to Antarctica.

The day aims to spread awareness about these flightless aquatic birds.

Penguin is mostly found in the southern hemisphere with only one species (Gal√°pagos penguin) dwelling north of the equator. To mark the occasion, we bring you five interesting facts about one of the most adorable and resilient birds, the penguins.

  1. Penguins are waterproof:

Penguin is a unique adaptive feature among penguins, They produce oil from a gland near their tails that makes their feathers waterproof.

2. Penguins have perfect swimmer’s body:

Penguins have a perfect swimmer’s body with paddle-like flippers and a pointed beak. Their bones are flattened and broadened and unlike other birds, they have solid bones. They can swim at very high-speed thanks to a unique ‘bubble boost’, wherein penguins release bubbles by fluffing their feathers and hence reducing the density of the water around them. They also have a layer of fat around their body, which allows them to stay at the surface easily.

3. Penguins can drink saltwater:

Penguins are one of a few animals who can drink salt water. However, excess of sodium chloride in its bloodstream can prove detrimental to their health.

4. 5 penguin species are endangered:

There is no consensus about the exact number of species of penguins, with most agencies placing their count between 17 to 20. However, melting sea ice due to climate change threatens most of these species, along with other factors like fishing nets, marine waste, and oil spills.

5. in a year, they shed all their feathers:

A ‘catastrophic molt’ is an annual experience that penguins have wherein they shed all their feathers to grow new ones.


Praful Art: Penguin

This drawing is freehand Drawing that I draw in 5 Minutes.

It is a Beautiful Drawing Drawn with The Blue Ball Point Pen.

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